Name: Angela

Home State: Texas

Current state: Connecticut

Occupation: Stay at home mom

How long you’ve been Catholic: My whole life! But the Lord took hold of my heart the summer before my senior year of college and it has been a great adventure since.

Why did you join the challenge? I joined the challenge because growing up I always played sports that required you to run for conditioning. For most of my adult life, some form of my identity has been rooted in how many miles I can run. Since having my son 15 months ago and training for a half marathon, my knees have been hurting in the not so good way. I have been learning to truly appreciate other forms of exercise and be amazed at what my body can do, even without running as part of the equation. I do miss it a lot and am looking forward to easing back into it with a group of women praying together.

It’s too late to join Angela for the 2017 Advent #CatholicWomenRun challenge. But you can sign up here to receive an email when we have our next challenge.


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