Name: Chloe Langr

Home State: Kansas

Current State: Kansas (There’s no place like home!)

Occupation: Freelance blogger, podcaster, and book store associate! (Check out our Co-founder’s interview on Chloe’s podcast over on our Media page or here.)

How long you’ve been Catholic: 22 years, I’m a cradle Catholic.

5K, 10K, or half? 10K – I’ve run some 5K’s and needed a good challenge

Why did you join the challenge: I love running with others, and the fact that this challenge was over Advent, a season of preparation, was a huge factor, too.

It’s too late to join Chloe for the 2017 Advent #CatholicWomenRun challenge. But you can sign up here to receive an email when we have our next challenge.


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