Treadmill or outdoor running?

The Advent 2017 #CatholicWomenRun challenge started on December 4th…which means steadily decreasing temperatures. We’ve had a few people ask: treadmill or outdoor running – which is better? Typically, I’ve been saying that either is fine. But I decided to write this blog post because I actually have a longer explanation than that one. All of […]

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Running clothes for beginners

What running clothes should you wear now that you’ve decided to start the #CatholicWomenRun challenge? The options for workout clothes are endless when you’re just wearing them for lounging. And don’t try to tell me you bought that last pair of yoga pants for exercise. I’m right here with you, sitting on the couch in my […]

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Stick with running – 5 tips and tricks

The Advent 2017 #CatholicWomenRun challenge has begun! Signed up and feeling nervous that you won’t stick with running? Cast those worries and anxieties aside, girl! Here are my best tips and tricks to help you stick with the challenge this Advent. Have faith My best friend and co-creator of Catholic Women Run, Charlotte, said what all […]

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Strength training for runners

“Strength training for runners?! Why are these two together?! Isn’t running enough?!” This may be what those of you who signed up for the Advent 2017 #CatholicWomenRun challenge are saying right about now. We sent out the training plan for the 5k, 10k, and half marathon on Sunday night. And one day of the plan […]

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moms – find time to run with these 8 tips

Are you a Catholic mom who would like to find time to run while deepening your faith? Are you struggling to find find space in your schedule? I understand how you feel. Sometimes the demands of parenthood can make it seem like there simply isn’t time for either prayer or exercise. In this post I’ve […]

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Our mission is to strengthen Catholic women’s understanding of their faith by training their minds and bodies.

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