Congrats to Katie for completing her half marathon! Here’s what Katie had to say about the role Catholic Women Run had in her training: “When I started the challenge I used it as a way to jumpstart my prayer life for the Christmas season. What I didn’t realize was that the community of support Catholic […]

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Name: Christina Home state: Ohio Current state: Ohio Occupation: Graduate student How long have you been Catholic? I was raised Catholic. 5k, 10k, or half? 5k Why did you join the challenge? I thought that this program was a great way to have a set schedule while also deepening my faith, since it has not […]

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Name: Andrea (of Momma in Flip Flops) Home state: Illinois Current state: Illinois Occupation: RN turned stay at home mom blogger How long have you been Catholic? Cradle Catholic 5k, 10k, or half? I signed up for the Half plan, but I’m currently training for a  50k in January, God willing. Why did you join the […]

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Name: Chloe Langr Home State: Kansas Current State: Kansas (There’s no place like home!) Occupation: Freelance blogger, podcaster, and book store associate! (Check out our Co-founder’s interview on Chloe’s podcast over on our Media page or here.) How long you’ve been Catholic: 22 years, I’m a cradle Catholic. 5K, 10K, or half? 10K – I’ve […]

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Name: Angela Home State: Texas Current state: Connecticut Occupation: Stay at home mom How long you’ve been Catholic: My whole life! But the Lord took hold of my heart the summer before my senior year of college and it has been a great adventure since. Why did you join the challenge? I joined the challenge […]

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Name: Jessica Sobierajski Home State: North Carolina Current State: North Carolina Occupation: Business Owner How Long I’ve been Catholic: since college, about 10 years 5k or half: 5k Why did you join? I recently ran my first 5k and would love to continue my journey with running while also strengthening my prayer life. I also […]

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Name: Lydia Olson Home state: Alabama Current state: Texas Occupation: physical therapist Catholic since birth (35+ years) Distance: Half Why did you join the challenge? Running has always been my mental escape over the years where I could enjoy the beauty of God’s natural creation outside.  I’ve incorporated prayers into my runs, but now I’m […]

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Name: Aileen Home State: Military brat, so as a friend once said to me, I “come from too many places”. However, my father and his family immigrated to Chicago in the 1950s, and my mother’s parents immigrated at the same time to Cleveland, so I generally call those two great cities home. Occupation: Currently working […]

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Name: Beth Home state: Illinois Current state: Illinois Occupation: Professional photographer How long have you been Catholic? Always 5k or half marathon? Half marathon Why have you joined the challenge? Usually in the winter my running falls off and I would like to keep it up and hopefully lose a few pounds as opposed to the few pounds I usually gain this […]

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Name: Charlotte Home state: Alabama Current State: Oregon Occupation: History PhD student How long have you been Catholic? Since 3rd grade 5k or half marathon? 5k Why did you create the challenge? For a long time I’ve been trying to make my prayer life and exercise habits more consistent. This seems like a great way to improve both! It’s too late to […]

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