Catholic Women Run
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Our Mission:

Healthy. Holy. Happy.

A community of Catholic women inspiring and supporting one another to live the life God intended.


Our Vision

We envision a community of Catholic women who have a strong understanding of and participation in their faith. We achieve this vision by training Catholic womens' minds and bodies.

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February 2018

When I started the Advent challenge I used it as a way to jump start my prayer life for the Christmas season. What I didn’t realize was that the community of support Catholic Women Run has fostered would propel me through a half marathon. I was able to complete the training with my best friends and make new ones along the way. It was a great way to stay mentally and physically strong."

Katie Hodock / Advent 2017 challenge



Our Team

Co-founders Johnna and Charlotte met during their freshman year of college, and have been friends ever since. A few months before Johnna came into the Catholic Church, Charlotte suggested that Johnna write about how her fitness connects to her faith. 

Almost eight months later, Johnna finally listened to Charlotte and created a half marathon training plan that included prayers based on Bible verses and quotes about running. After Johnna posted about the journal on Instagram, more and more women reached out to ask if they could use it as well. Eventually, Johnna asked Charlotte if they should work together to turn this into a ministry.

God responded with a resounding YES. The steady addition of amazing women continues to improve and benefit this ministry.

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