ANNOUNCING the 2018 Advent Challenge!!!

The Healthiest Advent Yet!


Are you ready to feel your healthiest and happiest, and to feel the closest to God you’ve ever been?! Join us to have the best Advent of your life!

This is our SECOND Advent challenge. Say what?! We can’t believe it’s been a whole year, and we feel so incredibly lucky to have found a community with whom we could share our fitness and faith. And it just keeps growing! Since last year was our first challenge, we learned a lot of good lessons. So, this year we’ll be doing things a little differently.

Instead of 12 weeks of running between Advent and Lent, the challenge will only last 21 days – from the first Monday of Advent until the Sunday before Christmas. Of course, we hope you’ll keep coming back to our Daily Prayer and Workout page and opening the emails with our Weekly Schedule even during Lent and Ordinary Time, but sometimes 12 weeks is just too much of a commitment for busy women. Trust us, we understand. We realized that committing to your physical and spiritual health for 21 days is still just as amazing!

Other than the timing, everything else is about the same! The FREE Advent #CatholicWomenRun challenge includes ~
* 12 week 5k, 10k, AND half marathon training plan
* Daily prayers that follow the liturgical calendar
* A printable prayer journal to write about the experience
* Support + Love with a community of Catholic women!

And all of it is completely free!



21 Days to Healthier and Holier is a twenty-one-day e-devotional designed to help you start running, lose weight, and connect with God and the community so that you can feel confident about your body AND your faith.

The program is split into three weeks. The first week we’ll be thinking about health in general: what is health? What does the Catechism have to say about health? How did Jesus change the concept of health? What’s our responsibility in maintaining good health? The second week is all about healthy bodies. We’re going to get into the Theology of the Body and how it relates to our workouts. And the third week we’re going to be thinking about healthy female bodies specifically. Because our femininity gives us a unique voice in the world of fitness and athletics.

21 Days to Healthier and Holier challengers will get everything the free challengers get, PLUS ~
*Daily Catholic teachings and reflections on health
*Full exercise plan for 21 days
*Ongoing individual coaching
*3 week printables of the following: exercise and prayer planner, fitness and stretch progress sheet, running log, and an Exercise and Your Cycle log

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get the e-book with all of the reflections and workouts, as well as the printables. Plus every single day in your email inbox you’re going to get an extra reminder to keep you accountable. And if you have specific questions, you’ll be able to reply to the email and get an answer from an RRCA-certified running coach.

Unlike the free Advent challenge, 21 Days to Healthier and Holier will be a financial investment. While the free challenge is based on the liturgical readings, we’ve been working on this focused version of the challenge for months and months. So even though this option costs money, it’s only $21.

Yep, just a dollar a day. Johnna has paid for fitness programs that are literally $100 a person, and they didn’t even include an intentional, prayerful devotion for the entire program. So we think this is an incredibly affordable opportunity.

We’re going to learn so much! It’s going to be great. We cannot wait to do this with you, and we really think that whichever program you choose is going to be fruitful for you.

Check out all of the information on our new Shop page. The doors won’t be open for long. We start December 3rd, so the last day to sign up will be midnight on December 2nd. And feel free to shoot any questions to us over email, Instagram, or Facebook!