Answered: Your Lent Challenge FAQs!

The countdown to the #CatholicWomenRun Lent challenge is on!! Just about two weeks until we all hit the ground running together on MONDAY, February 19th! We can't WAIT to get started with you! We want to make sure you're extra prepped for success - so check out some of these FAQs below.

How much does it cost?

It's FREE! We want Catholic women to benefit from running, so we're making sure it's readily available!

How many emails will I get?

After you've joined the Lent challenge email list, you'll get an email every Sunday morning with the prayers for the week, as well as an overall explanation about that week's theme. You might also get a few emails leading up to the challenge, and perhaps a few emails after.

What will the prayers be like?

Every challenge has a different focus. We want you to learn about every aspect of the Catholic faith, after all! The Advent 2017 challenge was all about Ignatian spirituality. The Lent challenge will focus on the Stations of the Cross and the four Mysteries of the Rosary.

Can I walk?

Of course! In fact, the 5k plan starts with a majority of walking, then gradually moves up to all running. But if you want to move up to running-only at an even slower pace...that's okay too. ;)

Keep in mind that you can always use interval training even for long distances. Johnna currently runs marathons at a 2:1 interval (2 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking until the end of the race).

Can I adjust the plan to fit my schedule?

Please do! We have specific exercises on specific days. For example, running is scheduled for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. If you'd rather do your runs on different days of the week, just adjust the rest of the schedule accordingly.

Do I have to do every exercise on the plan?

It depends on the distance. If you're running a half marathon, the rest of the exercises (stretching, strength training, and an additional cardio day) really do keep you safe from injury during your training. Even if you can only fit in a few minutes of a workout, you probably should.

If you're running a 5k, the additional exercises aren't as important. But if you ever want to move to a longer distance, it might be good to incorporate the habit of exercising every day now. That way it won't be as difficult in the future!

What if I'm still finishing the Advent challenge?

First of all...welcome back! We're glad you're joining us again. :)

The last week of the Advent challenge is also the first week of the Lent challenge. So you'll have six prayers instead of three! Yay! Feel free to complete the reflections and prayers on your additional stretching, strength, and extra cardio days.

As for the physical training...if you're moving from one distance to another (5k to 10k or 10k to half marathon), the plans overlap quite well. Just keep using the Advent plan and move to the Lent plan in the second week.

If you're training for the same distance, it's really up to you! Want to go back down to Week 1 and work up to Week 12 again? Go for it! Want to maintain the fitness level you achieved? Decide which of the last weeks you want to keep doing for 12 weeks. Want to do your own thing? Great! Feel free to shoot us an email at if you have questions about a challenging yet realistic goal for you.

Have another question we missed? Leave a comment, send an email, or drop us a note on Facebook and Instagram.

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