Our Favorite Things in March 2018

We hope you’re having an amazing March so far. Although we're all about running over here, we have things like work, family, and church to occupy our life, too! So we decided to start sharing our favorite things in ALL areas of our life. We're really excited to share some of our picks with you today.

Charlotte's Favorite Things

Fitness: Target Running Clothes

As a newbie runner who had never gotten proper running clothes, I didn't feel prepared to join Fabletics (but it sounds like an awesome idea for the future). I wasn't even sure what kind of clothes I wanted to run in at first! So I took a trip to my favorite brick and mortar store around the corner: Target. I bought two pairs of running pants, two shirts for warm weather, two shirts for cold weather, and two sports bras. They are comfy AND I feel stylish when I wear them. That's extra motivation to get moving!

Spiritual: Stations of the Cross

This has been a challening Lent for me. Things have been so chaotic with my husband's recent travel schedule that I did not do a very good job making Lent resolutions (I've also been struggling with my goals for 2018, but will jump back on the wagon!). One thing we have done fairly regularly is attend the Stations of the Cross and soup supper on Fridays at our parish. It's such a peaceful way to end the work week and turns my mind back to what we are supposed to be contemplating during this season.

Career: Southwest Credit Card

My husband and I are both academics, so our careers sometimes require travel. We make it affordable as a family by using our Southwest Credit Card. With the credit card, you earn a Southwest Rapid Rewards point for each dollar you spend. On some airlines that wouldn't be much, but on Southwest you can fly from Birmingham to Chicago for less than 8,000 points. I've seen short flights for less than 3,000 points! If you use your Southwest cards for most of your purchases, it adds up to flights really fast! But here's the even better news: apply for a card using my link and you'll receive 50,000 additional points if you spend $2,000 on purchases in the first three months! (I will also receive additional rapid rewards points if people sign up using my link.)

Lifestyle: Rain Talk by Mary Serfozo

My two-year-old and I LOVE to read books together. She looks at books while I'm getting ready in the morning, then we usually have more snuggles and reading after lunch, then also at bedtime... and more in between. Last week we read books about rain from the library and this is my favorite: Rain Talk  by Mary Serfozo. It's a simple and charming story about a little girl playing outside in the rain. It's similar to one of our other favorites: The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. And also like The Snowy Day, I fell in love with the library book and decided we needed our own copy! The links I've provided are Amazon affiliate links.

Johnna's Favorite Things


Someone I met over Instagram last year kept telling me about Shakeology. I normally drink a protein shake every day anyway, so when I ran out of my normal protein powder a month ago, I finally decided to take the plunge and try out Shakeology. It comes in nine different flavors, but I decided to play it safe and try the chocoloate. It is actually really delicious! Plus it does seem to keep me full longer than my last protein powder. Perfect for after my run. If you want to try it out yourself, you can use my affiliate link here.

Spiritual: Adoration

My Lenten practice this year is to add an hour of Adoration every week. I typically try to do it on Wednesday, since it's halfway through the week. It's only been three weeks, but already I can see a change in the rest of my life. After my first week at Adoration, I realized how hard it was for me to just sit and do nothing - even with the people I love right here on earth. So allowing myself to just sit with God has really helped me be able to appreciate spending time with people like my fiance and friends.


I work full-time as a faith-based community organizer. Although we keep our eyes focused more on local politics, I also need to be aware of what's going on at the national and international level. TheSkimm helps me do that without having to watch or read the news 24/7. And it's not only politics - my beloved Crimson Tide has come up in quite a few Skimms since the daily newsletters also touch on topics like sports, technology, and entertainment. If you want to stay well-rounded too, you can sign up for TheSkimm here. That's not an affiliate link, because it's completely free! (P.S. This week they "Skimm'd" women's reproductive health and did not explain NFP very well, which sort of irked me. But that's a story for another blog post. I'll try not to hold it against them.)

Lifestyle: Wedding Wire

I mentioned in our New Year's goals post that I got engaged over Christmas. I'm happy to report that because of the Wedding Wire app, my fiancee and I are already well on our way when it comes to wedding planning! We've booked the church and the reception hall. We've ordered the cake, found the flowers, gotten a caterer, booked the DJ. And I've already found my dress and picked what my bridesmaids will wear! I think most of this is because of the Wedding Wire to-do checklist. I'm the type of person who loves checking boxes, so having specific items laid out for me in each month is really helpful for me. And now there's even more time to plan our wedding ceremony. That's the most important part anyway. I can't wait to use our wedding as a way to show all of our non-Catholic friends and family the beauty of the Catholic Church and its sacraments!

We're always looking for recommendations…what are you loving this month? Tell us in the comments!