Running Songs: A Catholic Playlist

Photo by  Barrett Ward  on  Unsplash

Good music can often make the difference between a good run and a bad one. I was losing steam during my long run last week. Then I started playing Taylor Swift's newest album and got a second wind. And after Charlotte mentioned running to classical music in this post, it got me thinking - are there any good Catholic running songs out there?

I couldn't find a playlist, so I decided to create my own. Yet all playlists are not created equal. While there are some great Catholic songs out there,  I knew running to some of them would leave me feeling more relaxed than ready to knock out a workout. I noticed that the Taylor Swift songs that were pumping me up were a certain tempo - so I looked them up. They were all around 160 beats per minute (BPMs).

Turns out, science shows that matching a run to the beat of music can improve efficiency. So you’ll get the most energy by working out to faster-tempo, high-energy tracks. Apparently, music is best between 120 and 145 BPMs. But since T. Swizzle kept me going at 160 BPMs, I decided to make a playlist of Catholic running songs in that range instead. Hopefully it will be challenging, yet do-able for you!

Finally, I decided to structure the playlist like a workout - starting off easy, gradually getting faster, and then easing back into a cool down. And there's research for this, as well! According to a 2011 study, gradually increasing the BPM as your heart rate increases will help you stay motivated

So without further ado, here are 30 solid minutes of great Catholic running songs to keep you motivated this week. Check out the playlist on Spotify.

I tested this one out before I shared it with all of you. And man oh man did it get me moving. I think I may have even achieved a personal record for a 3-mile run! I also ran a little longer than I needed to. Just because the playlist wasn't over yet. If that's not a positive indication, I don't know what is!

Leave a comment below and let me know how you liked the playlist! Got a song that you feel should make the list? Send us a note at, or let us know on Facebook or Instagram!