God's Goodness Manifested in Movement

God is good… ALL the time!  Am I right, sisters?!

I’m fairly certain that many examples of His goodness to us come to mind readily.  My list (and maybe yours) looks like this: Faith, family, health. Enough money to live comfortably. Beautiful music, art, sunsets. Our friends, work that lights you up, coffee. There are many things He provides that I am grateful for, that show me just how much He loves me and illustrate His goodness.  

Photo by  Seth Macey  on  Unsplash

Photo by Seth Macey on Unsplash

Something I would like to add to that list is perhaps not the first thing that would come to mind for most folks: running.  Why is this taxing physical activity on my list? If you are not yet on board with this idea (although as fellow runners, I have a sneaking suspicion you might be), hear me out... I think by the time I’ve had my say you’ll be nodding in agreement!

When I decided to start running over 15 years ago, I was a young mom who was looking for the fastest way to lose that extra pudge children tend to put on you.  The general consensus at the time was (and still is in many circles): running.

Besides the races you are forced to run in elementary school, my only experience with running was a brief, failed attempt to become a runner back before I had kids and lived in NY.  Me + humidity = breathing problems, and so I gave that up rather quickly.

But back to the point in my life where I was a young mom. I was living in Arizona, where the air is blessedly dry, and was also pretty desperate to lose weight. So I found a ‘walk to run’ plan in a magazine, and just started. Besides the initial feeling that I was surely going to die when running for two minutes at a time, I (incredibly) found myself enjoying this new venture.

Yes, I did lose weight… but I also started gaining confidence in what my body could do, and was falling in love with this previously much-hated activity. It was the beginning of an affair that persists to this day, many years (and races!) later.

So, how exactly is running akin to God’s goodness, you ask?  Well, let me count the ways! I see His goodness to me because I am blessed to be in a body healthy enough to handle vigorous physical activity.  I see His goodness surrounding me as I run through His beautiful, amazing creation, that he put here for us to delight in. I feel His goodness as I run and pray - for others, for myself, and in gratitude for all I have been given.  

God has been so good to me through running. I have grown in patience, endurance, and strength. I have accomplished things I never thought I could in this body. I have grown in love for myself, others, and most importantly, God himself.  

So there you have it sisters!  In a nutshell, Running = God’s goodness!

With love,


Jennifer has been a runner since the early 2000's.  She's the wifey to Wade and mom to two with a partially empty nest (boo!). She loves running (of course!), being in nature, writing, baking, photography, memory keeping, singing with her church choir, and her awesome Catholic faith!  (If she could live at church, she probably would!)  Jennifer has two adorable dogs (both Chihuahua mixes) and one of her life's goals is to own an RV and travel to all the National Parks before she kicks the bucket!