Best Podcasts to Listen to While You Run

Photo by  Mateo Abrahan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Mateo Abrahan on Unsplash

Sometimes when my running playlist is getting old and I’ve listened to “Ride Wit Me” by Nelly too many times in a row, I turn to my Podcasts app to see which of my subscriptions has an episode I haven’t heard yet.  I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite podcasts, including ones for which I’ve heard every episode and ones I’ve only heard once or twice that made a big enough impact for me to mention.  I have also categorized them into sections:  podcasts about motherhood, riveting podcasts, podcasts to entertain our nerdy side, podcasts for the everyday, and spiritual podcasts.


Podcasts about Motherhood:

Happy Mum, Happy Baby - This podcast is hosted by a British author and celebrity Giovanna Fletcher.  She is warmhearted, beautiful, confident, and humble.  She interviews moms (and a few dads) about their experience being parents, particularly in the early days.  I find myself laughing along and even mouthing “preach” as I listen.  And the British accents definitely add to the appeal of this podcast for me.

The Birth Hour - For the most part, this podcast is a lovely celebration of motherhood, particularly through the way mothers labor for and deliver their babies.  This podcast is proof that no one labor is the same as another.  There are so many elements that go into a woman’s labor, and this podcast celebrates all of them.  It is non-judgmental and fascinating for those who like to read/hear birth stories.


Riveting Podcasts:

Serial - I’ve only listened to Season 1, but there are now three seasons of this podcast.  Season 1 investigates the validity of the trial of Adnan Syed, who is accused in high school of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. This podcast is suspenseful, interesting, and very thoughtfully mapped out.  Whenever someone asks me for podcast recommendations, this is where I start. 

Myths and Legends - this may not be as riveting as Serial, and it could also fall under the “nerdy” category, but I love this podcast because it tells stories about famous myths and some not as well known legends, all coming from various times and cultures.  If you love fantasy novels, you’ll enjoy this podcast.  And that is a pretty good segue into our next category.


Nerdy Podcasts:

Stuff You Missed in History Class - This is such a fun podcast for history lovers.  There are so many episodes already recorded, and you can find topics ranging from natural disasters to the biography of a famous author.  Some of my favorites include the WWII podcasts, the podcasts about Disney’s Haunted Mansion (during the month of October they run a series of haunted history podcasts), and the podcast about the Halifax Explosion.

Binge Mode:  Harry Potter - The idea behind Binge Mode (Harry Potter is just one series) is that the hosts give you the rundown of what happens in the plot as well as their interpretation of the literary elements of the featured stories.  I was not an English major in college, but this podcast is what I’d imagine a class on a work of literature (with two professors who sometimes use crude language) to be.  I’ve only heard one episode, but I enjoyed taking apart and re-exploring some of the most memorable components of one of my favorite series of books.

What Should I Read Next - What I love most about this podcast is that it’s for any type of reader - the reader who has read nearly every book in the library, and the reader who can’t ever finish a book.  The host, Anne Bogel, asks her guests for their list of three books they love, one book they hate, and what they’ve been reading lately.  She then turns into a literary matchmaker and makes suggestions for books the guest (and her listeners) can read next.  I’ve read so many good books as a result of this podcast, so if you’re looking for audiobook suggestions for your next run, start with this podcast.


Podcasts about Everyday:

Rise Together - I have only listened to one episode of this podcast, but I enjoyed listening to Rachel and Dave Hollis talk about their relationship in a humble, funny, and uplifting way.  It’s an inspiration for those who are married as well as those who hope to be married one day.

Stuff You Should Know - I like this podcast because you don’t have to hear every episode to enjoy subscribing to it.  If you scroll through the episodes, you’re likely to find one that you’ll enjoy listening to pretty quickly.  Categories of topics range from science to politics to everyday experiences.  My favorite episodes (probably because my sister is a lactation consultant) are the How Feeding Babies Works episodes.


Spiritual Podcasts -

Ask Fr. Josh - Hands down, my new favorite podcast is this one.  Fr. Josh is so prayerful, so funny, and so down-to-earth.  He sheds light on so many teachings of the Church in a way that is relatable and easy to accept without watering down the truth.  He is a personal friend of mine, so I love laughing along with him and hearing what he has to say.  It’s evident that he is a prayerful priest because his episodes are very anointed.  Often I’ll listen to an episode that I think will have nothing to do with me and it ends up being exactly what I needed to hear.

Blessed Is She - This podcast is simply lovely.  It’s uplifting, inspirational, and focused on how we as women can live out the Gospel.  There are real, relatable, and incredibly gifted women who are featured on this podcast.  It’s a great time to be a Catholic woman, and this podcast is proof.

What do you listen to while you run? Tell us in the comments!

Katherine Finney is a high school religion teacher turned stay-at-home mom to her daughter Miriam (and one on the way!) A New Orleans native, she loves cooking (especially creole dishes), dancing, and doing karaoke with her husband. Kat originally started running because she was inspired by her husband's zeal for running. Now she loves it herself and has discovered many spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits to it. Kat's primary goal in life is to become a saint with God's grace. She hopes that through this online community God can make her a vessel to both give and receive wisdom about what's truly important in this earthly life.