3 Tips to Switch Up Your Running Routine

After training for a race, I find myself wanting to do something new in order to stay excited about my workouts. The thrill and the anticipation of the race are over and I don’t like feeling like I’m stuck in a rut doing the same loops over and over. If you want or need to switch up your running routine, the following are a few ways that work for me (and hopefully for you)!

Route backwards

I have a few routes in my neighborhood and near my work that I like to run when I’m training for a race. I normally run in the same direction in order to keep consistency with my distances and elevation changes. However, one of the ways I change up my routine is running that same loop backwards. Instead of starting out and taking all left turns, I’ll turn right. It may seem like a small adjustment but I have found that I notice different things about my neighborhood when I do reverse routes. Additionally, all the elevation changes will be in the opposite order, so that could add a new challenge to your workout.

New Location or Distance

Another way to change up your routine is to modify the location or distance of your run. If you normally run 3 miles a day, could you do those same 3 miles at the park instead of in your neighborhood or the treadmill? Could you run 3.1 miles and turn it into your own 5k route? Maybe you do 2 miles at a quicker pace or take time to walk in the middle of your 3 miles. Switch it up!

Running buddies/group

Finally, do you normally run alone? Running with a group or just one other person totally changes the dynamic of your workout. I find that I can push myself harder when I run with someone else.

One resource for finding other women to run with is your local She Runs This Town/Moms Run This Town chapter. I found the Louisville group after meeting some women at my last half marathon who encouraged me during the last few miles. We talked, laughed, and power walked our way across the finish line together - I had never met these women before but they reached out to me and invited me to keep up with them for the remainder of the race and I am so thankful that they did. They invited me to get in touch with the SRTT/MRTT group on Facebook and since joining the group, I see posts daily from women looking for someone to join them on their runs in neighborhoods all over Louisville.

Hopefully these ideas help you to switch up the routine and keep your workouts fun!

Sarah is a cradle Catholic, certified athletic trainer, and proud Purdue alum. During her time at Purdue, she ran her first 5k with a friend and got hooked on running. She currently lives near Louisville and enjoys the variety of road races in the Kentuckiana area, her favorite being the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon (hello, free bourbon!). When she isn’t busy covering high school games or training for her next race, she teaches the confirmation class at her church and adds new adventures to her to-do list.

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