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Running with the Saints

I truly love my faith; however, I have often found it difficult to relate to the saints. Their lives have always seemed out of reach and far too perfect to be relatable, let alone be attainable. I always felt concerned that I might get too close to “worship” territory by praying to them. This past year, however, I started to explore the saints a little more and my perspective on previous ideas I once held started to change. This exploration has coincided with training for my first marathon, so naturally the two have intertwined.

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On Suffering and Speedwork

Somewhere around the 2nd mile repeat, I began to recite the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary in my head. I didn’t even know if you were meant to say the Sorrowful Mysteries on Tuesdays, but I instinctively turned to them. Contemplating the pain and suffering of our Lord on the Cross made maintaining my paces seem so small and insignificant.

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Running as a Mental Game

’d like to focus on the idea that running is mostly a mental game and not solely a physical one.  I’ll explain what I mean by this notion, and I’ll give some practical tips for keeping your mentality on the right track to achieve your running goals.

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