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Sports Medicine and Athletic Training

There is an incredible balance of science and servanthood that makes up the role of an athletic trainer. After having a visit with an orthopedic surgeon as well as physical therapy appointments I realized that sports medicine was the route that I wanted to take for my career. I knew growing up that I loved math and science and wanted to have a job that combined that with my love of sports and helping people. I love that I get to apply my knowledge to situations in order to help my athletes resolve their problems and get started on the road to recovery from their injuries.

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5 Tips for Keeping a Positive Outlook When Injured

When running is your life, and you suddenly become stuck in a holding pattern, where not only are you making no progress, but you are not even able to run for a while, it can really get to you. The crankiness from not being as physically active paired with the emotional despair at your circumstances can be enough to make you throw your hands up in the air and just quit being a runner.

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