Get Started with Catholic Women Run!


Hey there girl!

Welcome to Catholic Women Run! Not sure how you just found us, but we’re so happy you did! If you’re looking for where to start, it’s easy with just 3 steps!


What will you receive?

  • Weekly Workout Schedules

  • Prayers for every workout! 

  • Advice on how to live your most confident life.

  • The best workouts, spiritual secrets, and running tips!


2. check back here daily

Why? We’ll have a daily prayer to go along with your workout, as well as the daily readings and the saint of the day. Following the liturgical calendar has never been so easy!


3. Follow us on social media

Stay on top of the latest! We update daily. Connect with the community in the Facebook group. Or find other Catholic runners on Instagram by using the hashtag #catholicwomenrun.