The Healthiest Lent Yet!

join us for OUR FREE 2019 Lent CHALLENGE!!

Are you ready to feel your healthiest and happiest, and to feel the closest to God you’ve ever been?! Join us to have the most transformational Lent of your life!

Since this is our second Lent challenge, and we’ve been running this ministry for about a year and a half now, we wanted to offer even MORE options for a wide variety of Catholic women out there. Because we know that there isn’t just ONE way to be a woman…or a Catholic woman…or a Catholic woman runner. So we’ve tried to create something new and engaging, with all of the same parts that you’ve loved about our last challenges.

First up…our FREE challenge.

We’re encouraging you to SHARE your successes and struggles on social media this year by following our Instagram challenge.

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We have chosen a list of 40 words that we think can apply to both our faith AND our fitness lives. Here’s how it works:

  1. Post a photo on Instagram based on the word of the day and explain that picture in the caption. We will be sharing the list of words closer to Lent! Make sure to use the hashtag #livethislent and to tag all of the hosts!

  2. If you’re not on Instagram, just tag us on any other social media platforms that you’re a part of! Or if you’re planning on giving up social media for Lent, just email us!

  3. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, email, text, with your friends at work, with the people sitting next to you at Mass...ANY WAY THAT YOU WANT! Just get the word out! 😊

Plus, every week one of us hosts will be giving one lucky winner a gift! Make sure your account is public if you want a chance to win. Otherwise we can’t see you post!

Try to stay active during this time of penance, and we’re certain it will change the way you think about your health and wellness routine!!! We’ll be creating a FREE 6-week workout calendar for anyone who needs help planning a routine. Get that by joining our email list!

Second option: 21 Days to Healthier and Holier

If you didn’t get a chance to purchase this amazing devotional and workout program during Advent, no worries. We’re bringing it BACK! Lent is longer than Advent, though, so you’ll have to do two rounds of it. We believe in you. ;)

Not sure what 21 Days to Healthier and Holier is? It’s a twenty-one-day e-devotional designed to help you start running, lose weight, and connect with God so that you can feel confident about your body AND your faith.

The program is split into three weeks. The program is split into three weeks. The first week we’ll be thinking about health in general: what is health? What does the Catechism have to say about health? How did Jesus change the concept of health? What’s our responsibility in maintaining good health? The second week is all about healthy bodies. We’re going to get into the Theology of the Body and how it relates to our workouts. And the third week we’re going to be thinking about healthy female bodies specifically. Because our femininity gives us a unique voice in the world of fitness and athletics.

21 Days to Healthier and Holier challengers will get ~

*Daily Catholic teachings and reflections on health

*Full exercise plan for 21 days

*weekly prayer planner, fitness and stretch progress sheet, running log, and an Exercise and Your Cycle log

As soon as you sign up, you’ll get the e-book with all of the reflections and workouts, as well as the printables. Plus every single day in your email inbox you’re going to get an extra reminder to keep you accountable. And if you have specific questions, you’ll be able to reply to the email and get an answer from an RRCA-certified running coach.

Just because we know you’re going to ask…this option costs only $21. Yep, just a dollar a day. And if you do both rounds of it, it’s FIFTY CENTS per day. Johnna has paid for fitness programs that are literally $100 a person, and they didn’t even include an intentional, prayerful devotion for the entire program. So we think this is an incredibly affordable opportunity.

Check out all of the information on our Shop page. The doors won’t be open for long. We start March 11th, so the last day to sign up will be midnight on March 10th. And feel free to shoot any questions to us over email, Instagram, or Facebook!