Catholic Women Run
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We are a community of Catholic women inspiring and supporting one another to live the life God intended: healthy, holy, and happy.


Many of us don't fully understand the Catholic Church's teachings on women and their bodies. Or we mistakenly look for truth about women's bodies in the world.

Similarly, there's a ton of nonsense in the health and fitness industry. It can be hard for us to know what we need to avoid to spend time doing what actually works.

Unfortunately, both of these things make it difficult for us to know what's truly good for us and our bodies, as well as what will allow us to grow in Christ. Without that knowledge, we can't get strong and healthy, and we can't fully obey God. This creates a barrier to truly knowing Jesus Christ, experiencing His love, and living a truly healthy, liturgical lifestyle. 

Running is a workout that can teach you the disciplines and virtues you need to be fully present with God.

So, at Catholic Women Run, we gather the information on the Church's teachings on women's bodies and try to effectively communicate them in a way that bridges personal experience (fitness) with expert knowledge (Jesus Christ, as passed down through His Church). By sharing the Good News in this way, we can encourage women to put their trust in God and act in faith each and every day.

We want to show you how to cultivate balance from within. Join our community and stay motivated and encouraged to walk the path laid down for us all!


"As a woman, I found myself misusing my feminine genius and collapsing in on my struggles (moreso than using it to reach outward for help). [I now feel wonderfully empowered]...but I'm not sure that my sentiment would have been the same had I not started running consistently and reaching my goals. Even when I didn't, journeying contemplatively with all of these other faithful women was beautiful."

— Yung, Advent 2017 challenge