Love every part of your body.


just The way god designed it.

Naturally Family Planning is the Church’s best kept secret, and we think that needs to change. NFP is perfect for the Catholic runner, because it’s yet another tool to get information about your body’s health. So whether you’re already all in, or you’re a little skeptical, we hope you’ll take the chance and sign up to learn about the sympto-thermal method of achieving or postponing pregnancy.

The class is 100% virtual/online, so that we can help ANY Catholic woman who wants it!


what you get

  • Instruction packet with all the materials you need

  • 21 educational videos

  • 3 live virtual classes

  • Individual follow-up from a certified instructor

  • Continued support for one year

  • BONUS: Information on how your menstrual cycle affects your running (the first NFP class of it’s kind with this information!)


track your cycles so you can train smarter!