December 2017

Running was one of the most important things that brought me to the Catholic Church."

Running So As To Win / Blessed Is She



December 2017

Running and exercise seem to always be on my 'to-do' list, but I struggle to actually get to the gym or put on my running shoes. Catholic Women Run [helped me learn] how to exercise in a wholesome way.

A Letter to the Woman Running Towards Christ / Letters to Women Podcast



March 2018

"...when I decided to train for a 10K, I quickly saw how God could use my dislike of running to weed out things in my exterior and interior life. The miles I clocked in between last November and this past weekend taught me quite a bit about my strengths and weaknesses. 

Chloe Langr / Old Fashioned Girl Blog



February 2018

I joined Catholic Women Run when I was struggling to stay motivated to run and train after I finished a 5k...this challenge taught me that my worth is not defined by the miles I run or the time I run them in. My worth is defined by a God who loves me and wants to run next to me for every mile and every minute. And that is all I could ever ask for.

Emily Molinaro / Read Full Post




June 2018

When you run regularly, it provides time to meditate and also offers an opportunity to develop self-discipline, to learn more about your body, and to discern between what feels good in the moment from what will make you happy long-term."

Radiant Magazine / Summer 2018 Edition