21 Days to Healthier and Holier: E-Devotional and Fitness Challenge

21 Days to Healthier and Holier: E-Devotional and Fitness Challenge

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21 Days to Healthier and Holier is a twenty-one-day e-devotional designed to help you start running, lose weight, and connect with God and the community so that you can feel confident about your body AND your faith.


Week 1: What is health?

* The one thing missing from the current health and wellness industry

* What the Catechism has to say about health and what that means for us

* How Jesus changed the concept of health

* Where our health has gone wrong as Catholics

* Your responsibility in maintaining good health

Week 2: What is a healthy body?

* What Catholicism has to say about our bodies

* False ideals about our bodies that STILL exist today

* The true meaning of a healthy body

* Information about the Theology of the Body

* How the Theology of the Body relates to our workouts

Week 3: What is a healthy female body?

* How running taught me the true meaning of freedom

* The power of reconciliation in healing and health

* The one thing that has done more for my health than anything else

* What complementarity means for female runners

* How to be a female Catholic runner

* The importance of trusting God with our vocation and some practical tips and tricks to do so


*Fitness routines for all 21 days

*Ongoing group + individual online support in our private Facebook community to share your journey with women just like you

*Private workout videos to follow along with for your stretch & strength days

*Focus on bringing God into your health journey